Concerts & Cuisines for Voter Registration

Concerts & Cuisines for Voter Registration

In the past, I’ve produced 9 Campus Concerts for Human Rights, Civil Rights, & the Environment.  And, I’ve produced 3 Benefits for Homeless & Hunger.

Now, I’m considering producing Free Concerts for Voter Registration.

The Concert Theme should be Multi-Cultural.

The Music should be a mix between World Beat, Funk, Jazz, and Blues.

The Food should also be Multi-Cultural.  I’m hoping to bring in Food Vendors providing a mix of International cuisines.

The music & food should be great, and the crowd should have a lot free fun.

Since it will be a Free Concert, with at least one local Headliner; it should attract a lot of participants.  With this said, it could easily attract upwards of 10,000 participants; however, I will put the estimate at 6 thousand people.

I believe the average expenditure will be about $12.50 per person.

With an estimated 6,000 participants with an average expenditure of about $12.50; I believe this event will be an excellent Business Opportunity for Food & Beverage Vendors. 

And it should be an excellent Outreach Opportunity for Non-Profits and other Groups.

Please let me know if you are interested in participating in the event.

Thanks so much for your time.