Trump's Racism

Trump has a History of Racism

Trump's Racist Rental Policy

2016-08-25: Trump sued for housing discrimination in the 1970s

While 27-year-old Donald Trump was president of the company, Trump Management was charged with discriminating against African-Americans and breaking federal law in the 1970s. CNN's Randi Kaye reports.

Trump's Racist Rental Policy (cont)

Former Trump Rental Agent Describes Racist Policy | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow shares an exclusive NBC News interview with Stanley Leibowitz, Fred Trump's rental agent, describing the instructions he received from Fred Trump, with his son Donald by his side, about keeping black people out of the residential properties he owned.

Trump's Racist Rental Policy (cont)

Trump's history of housing discrimination | The Briefing


Trump Racist Rental Policy (cont)

Files Released from Trump's Racial Discrimination Case from the 1970s

Nearly 400 pages of records have been posted on the FBI's Freedom of Information Act website regarding their investigation into allegations that Trump was discriminating against people of color who tried to rent property through his real estate company in the 1970s. Many of those interviewed in these cases were not aware of discrimination, but some other records showed that white applicants were offered leases on properties that black applicants were previously told were not available, as well as accounts of quoting black people twice the amount of rent that the property was worth, in an effort to price them out of being able to rent the property.

The lawsuit was filed against Trump Management Company in 1973 via the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, and accused Donald Trump and Fred Trump, his father, with excluding African-Americans and Puerto Ricans from their apartments. Any allegations of racial discrimination were denied, and a counter-suit was filed for defamation.

In his 1987 book, he admitted to wanting to "weed out certain kinds of tenants," adding, “What we didn’t do was rent to welfare cases, white or black." The case was settled in 1975 when the Trumps entered an agreement to implement safeguards to prevent future discrimination, although no consent of wrongdoing was ever given.

Trump has a History of Racism

  1. Trump’s Discrimination Against Minorities.
  2. Trump’s Full Page ads Demanding the Death Sentence for 5 Innocent African Americas (Central Park 5).
  3. Trump’s statement about African Americans, that he wouldn’t allowed them to count his money.
  4. Trump’s Birtherism campaign.
  5. Trump’s Daily Race Bating.
  6. Trump’s Daily Racist Dog Whistles.
  7. Trump’s hiring of Steve Bannon, who was the Editor & Chief of Breitbart News (a White Nationalist/Supremacist website).
  8. Trump’s hiring of Stephen Miller, who is a White Nationalist/Supremacist.
  9. Trump's hiring of Darren Beattie, who is a White Nationalist/Supremacist.
  10. Trump's hiring of Sebastian Gorka, who is a White Nationalist/Supremacist.
  11. Trump’s statements about Mexicans.
  12. Trump’s statements about Muslims.
  13. Trump’s statements about Judge Curiel's Mexican heritage.
  14. Trump’s Muslim ban.
  15. Trump’s statement that Latino & African countries were Shit Hole countries.
  16. Trump’s “Go Back” Attacks against 4 House Representatives who are colored.
  17. Trump’s Daily Racist Acts of Wrongfully Legitimizing Racism & Hate.
  18. Trump’s Racist Negligence Killed 3,000 to 5,000 Latino Americans in Puerto Rico.
  19. Trump’s Racist Policies Killed at least 6 Latino children.
  20. Trump’s Racist Policies separated ~40,000 Latino children from their parents and caged them.
  21. Trump's Racist Rhetoric Incited his Racist Base to Kill ~50 Innocent Americans.
  22. Trump's Racist Deportation policies threaten to Deport children receiving Lifesaving Medical Care.

2016-10-07 MSNBC: Trump Still Thinks 'Central Park Five' Are Guilty

Chris Hayes talks with one of the men wrongfully convicted in the Central Park jogger case, Yusef Salaam, about Donald Trump and his latest comments.

2011-04-25 CNN: Donald Trump makes more 'birther' claims

Donald Trump explains to Anderson Cooper why he has doubts about President Obama's birthplace.

Trump's Racism is Clear, if you open your eyes to it.


"If you sit idly by as Evil Persists, then you are enabling the Evil.

 If you Enable Evil, then you are complicit in the Evil."


"If you support a Racist, then you are supporting Racism.

If you are supporting Racism, then you are Racist."


"If you support Trump, you are supporting a Racist.

you are supporting Racism, you are a Racist."


2019-06-12 Now: Donald Trump's 'Horrific' Response to the Central Park Five Case

‘It was horrific then. It’s horrific to hear it now.’ — Ken Burns wants all of us to remember Donald Trump’s extreme response to the Central Park Five case.

2016-06-05 CNN: Trump: Judge biased due to 'Mexican heritage'

Donald Trump tells Jake Tapper that he believes the judge presiding over the Trump University fraud cases is biased due to his "Mexican heritage."

2016-08-25 CNN: Trump sued for housing discrimination in the 1970s

While 27-year-old Donald Trump was president of the company, Trump Management was charged with discriminating against African-Americans and breaking federal law in the 1970s. CNN's Randi Kaye reports.

2016-11-14 CBC: "It is easy to see why the KKK views Trump as their champion"

Under Bannon's tenure, Brietbart pushed a nationalist agenda and became one of the leading outlets of the so-called alt-right — a movement often associated with white supremacist ideas that oppose multiculturalism and defend "Western values."

"It is easy to see why the KKK views Trump as their champion when Trump appoints one of the foremost peddlers of white supremacist themes and rhetoric as his top aide," Adam Jentleson, spokesman for top Senate Democrat, Harry Reid, said in a statement late Sunday. He was referring to the Ku Klux Klan.

2016-09-16 CNN: A short history of Donald Trump's Birtherism

A look back at Donald Trump's repeated claims that President Barack Obama is not a US citizen.

2017-08-17 PBS: Race and Racism in the Age of Trump

The 2017 Hutchins Forum will be live from Martha's Vineyard at 5pm ET on August 17.

The forum is hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and moderated by Charlayne Hunter-Gault.

Panelists include Charles Blow, Alan Dershowitz, Asma Khalid, Leah Wright Rigueur, April Ryan and Armstrong Williams. Additional remarks by Lawrence D. Bobo.

2017-12-07 ABC (Australia): Why is Trump channeling one of the most racist US presidents of all time

As the Russia probe intensifies and Donald Trump creates controversy in the Middle East, Planet America examines the legacy of gun-toting, racist US president, Andrew Jackson, who Trump says he wants to be like.

2018-01-12 MSNBC: Donald Trump’s Comments On Immigrants: They’re Rapists. They All Have AIDS

From comments on Mexican and Haitian immigrants, to firing back at Reporter April Ryan about the CBC, MSNBC's Ari Velshi looks back a Donald Trump's comments on immigrants, minorities.

2018-01-13 Al Jazeera: Trump's 'racist' remarks: Outrage around the world

A spokesman from the UN said the US president's comments were racist.

2018-05-31 CNN: Here are Trump's receipts of racism

CNN's Don Lemon gives his take on President Trump's response to racially charged issues.

2018-08-13 MSNBC: President Donald Trump’s History Of Racist Remarks

Trump’s History of Racist Remarks With the first anniversary of Charlottesville upon us, Jonathan Capehart leads us through a short history of some of President Trump’s most memorable, racist remarks.

He is joined by Tim Wise, author of “White Like Me,” Karine Jean-Pierre, Senior Advisor for, and MSNBC’s own Trymaine Lee to discuss racial inequality in the Trump-era.

2018-08-14 CNN: Ex-Trump executive: Trump is Racist

Former President of Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino Jack O'Donnell says President Donald Trump has a long history of racism and is "a racist through and through."

2018-08-22 Huffington: Trump's Always Been Racist

You don’t need a N-word tape to figure it out.

2018-08-13 Politico: NAACP slams Trump as 'racist'

An interview with NAACP President Derrick Johnson. Produced by Beatrice Peterson.

With help from Akela Lacy and illustrations by Matt Wuerker.

2019-07-14 CNN: Trump's racism becoming more obvious, frightening

CNN's Brian Stelter examines what he refers to as the information wars, saying that, "information is being weaponized and attention is being hijacked."

Stelter discusses how President Donald Trump is winning the battle.

2019-07-14 CNN: Trump's racially charged tweets target Democratic congresswomen

President Donald Trump targeted progressive Democrats in a series of tweets, suggesting they "go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came."

2019-09-16 MSNBC: Donald Trump’s Birther Claims Through The Years

It took Donald Trump five years to admit that Barack Obama was born in the U.S..

Here's a look back at his "birther" statements.

2019-02-27 CNN: Cohen on Trump: He is a racist, he is a con man, and he is a cheat

Donald Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen called President Trump a racist, con man, and cheat during his opening statement before the House Oversight Committee.

2019-02-27 CNN: Cohen calls Trump a racist: 'In private, he's even worse'

Donald Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen says that Trump is a racist and references comments he made prior to going into office.

2019-03-19 MSNBC: Wajahat Ali: "President Donald Trump Is A Racist"

"Donald Trump is a racist," said New York Times contributing writer Wajahat Ali. "He's a racist."

2019-07-15 CNN: Larry Sabato, U of Virginia, Dir Center for Politics: "Trump is Racist"

Democratic lawmakers rebuked President Trump's racist tweet, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley who were targeted in the tweet.

2019-07-15 CBS: Trump's tweets at Democratic women of color denounced as racist

President Trump is doubling down on his attacks on four progressive Democratic lawmakers, all women of color.

The president tweeted Sunday they should "go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came."

It was widely criticized by Democrats as racist. Paula Reid reports.

2019-07-15 CBC: Trump tweet to Democratic congresswomen described as 'racist and disgusting'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the U.S. president wants to "make America white again."

2019-07-15 PBS: Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, Omar, Pressley respond to President Trump's racist tweet

A day after a tweet by President Donald Trump called on “‘Progressive’ Democrat Congresswomen” to “go back” to their “broken and crime infested” countries,
the four representatives who are believed to be the target of his attack are speaking out.

Reps. Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley are holding a press conference in response to the president’s remarks.

During those remarks, Omar called directly for the impeachment of the president. "It is time for us to impeach this president," she said.

2019-07-15 CNN: It's simple ... this is who Trump is

CNN's Anderson Cooper gives Donald Trump textbook definitions of racism, bigotry and demagoguery after the President lashes out at four Democratic congresswomen.

2019-07-15 CBS: Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) "Trump is Racist"

Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) "Trump is Racist"

Donald Trump's battle with four progressive Congresswomen is escalating as lawmakers rebuke the president's racist comments.

CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Major Garrett, Former U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marín, and New York Times opinion columnist Jamelle Bouie join CBSN to discuss.

2019-07-16 MSNBC: Trump's Divisive Racist Statements

Four progressive congresswomen of color responded to attacks by President Donald Trump, saying his “blatantly racist” assault on them is nothing more than a distraction.

2019-07-16 CBS: Trump using racist tweets as 2020 campaign weapon

President Trump is using his racist tweets against four Democratic congresswomen of color as a 2020 campaign weapon.

CBS News chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes and CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns take us through the latest reaction and how it fits into the president's reelection strategy.

2019-07-16 Now: AOC Exposes ‘Manufactured Cruelty’ at Migrant Detention Camps

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she witnessed a ‘manufactured crisis’ at border detention camps.

2019-07-16 MSNBC: Trump’s 'Go Back' Disqualifies Him To Be POTUS

Panelists Michelle Bernard, Tiffany Cross, Neal Katyal and Adam Green candidly react to Trump’s attacks and examine the influence of everyday racism encouraged by the President.

2019-07-16 PBS: How Trump's controversial tweets are exposing a party divide on race

Lawmakers continue to react to racist tweets President Trump posted Sunday about four women of color in the House.

So far, most Republicans have defended the president or tried to reframe the conversation as about ideology rather than race, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi moved to officially condemn Trump’s remarks.

Lisa Desjardins reports and joins Judy Woodruff to discuss an ongoing divide.

2019-07-16 WP: Trump's racist tweets will not age well

President Trump's tweets telling minority congresswomen to “go back” to their countries follows a long history of racist nativism.

Voters will decide if this is an effective strategy.

2019-07-16 CNN: Fallout from Trump's Racists Tweets

Political strategist Joel Payne joins CNN Newsroom on July 16, 2019, to discuss the controversy around President Trump's racist tweets and how the elected officials are responding to the fallout.

2019-07-18 CNN: Trump's Racism Proven

CNN's Kate Bolduan evaluates President Donald Trump's claim that he "spoke very quickly" to deter supporters' chants of "send her back" against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

2019-07-18 Now: Democratic Rep. Lists All of Trump’s Past Racist Comments

‘Is it not racist to say these things?’ — Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell was called ‘unparliamentary’ by Republican colleagues when he listed all of the president’s past racist comments on the House floor

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