Racist Policies

Trump's Racist Zero Tolerance Policy:

The Zero Tolerance Policy was instated to Deter Migration and has:

  1. Killed 6 Innocent Latino Children.
  2. Wrongfully Separated ~70,000 Innocent children from their parents.
  3. Wrongfully Caged ~70,000 Innocent children and their parents
  4. Violates U.S. Laws.
  5. Violates Civil Rights.
  6. Violates Human Rights.
  7. And is Inhumane.

2018-05-07 NBC: A.G. Jeff Sessions: "I have put in place a Zero Tolerance Policy."

Attorney General Jeff Sessions outlined tougher immigration laws on Monday in San Diego. In effort to prosecute all who enter the U.S. illegally, children will now be separated from their parents, instead of keeping them in detention together.

2019-05-22 CBS: Sixth migrant child dies after crossing U.S. border

CBS News has confirmed the 2018 death of a migrant child. Following Monday's death of a 16-year-old who was in U.S. custody, the total number of children who have died after crossing the U.S. border is now up to six.

CBS News correspondent Omar Villafranca speaks with CBSN about the latest on the conditions at a migrant processing facility in Texas.

2019-06-30 Now: Migrant Detention Center Called 'Concentration Camp' and 'Human Dog Pound'

Dr. Neal Rosendorf and Rep. Veronica Escobar visited a migrant detention center in Texas. The professor said it is essentially a 'concentration camp.

In US news and Trump administration news, historian and professor Dr. Neal Rosendorf and Rep.

Veronica Escobar visited an immigration detention camp in El Paso Texas and reported back on its state in this NowThis News video.

Rosendorf compared the migrant detention center to concentration camps and called it a 'human dog pound.'

The immigration border crisis at the southern border has been a human rights watch issue with many deriding these detention camps.

USA government officials and politicians are working out a strategy to deal with the growing issue.

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