Trump is a Psycho

Numerous Psychiatrists think Trump is Unfit to be President.

2015-08-19 Huffington: American Psycho 3 starring Donald Trump

Newly discovered Donald Trump horror film trailer is as good as you hoped.. Is this what 2016 might look like?

2015-09-29 Kimmel Live: Dr. Phil on Donald Trump

Dr. Phil shares his opinion on Donald Trump and worries about his diplomatic abilities.

2016-05-14 CNN: A Psychiatrist's View of Trump

Dr. Gail Saltz discusses possible psychological roots of Donald Trump's personality traits, including pretending to be his own publicist, and what it means

2016-08-04 Rational National: 9 Ways Donald Trump Is A Sociopath

Is Donald Trump a sociopath? Here are 9 ways in which he displays sociopathic behaviour.

2016-10-20 TDC: Is Trump Mentally Ill?

How the behavior of President Donald Trump compares to the diagnostic criteria for narcissistic personality disorder.

Do you think the President of the United States is mentally ill?

2016-10-23 Maureen Dowd: Trump is a Narcissist

Maureen Dowd speaks on the GOP nominee's mindset as a "clinical narcissist" and his inability to show empathy during the race for the presidency.

2017-06-13 MSNBC: 'Very Sick' Cabinet Meeting

President Donald Trump Cabinet members from Reince Priebus to Elaine Chao took turns praising the president and discussing the privilege of working for Trump. POTUS also claimed his first six months were a success.

2017-10-05 MSNBC: 27 Psychiatrist assess Trump

In a new book, 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts asses President Donald Trump's behavior. Do his impulses explain his decisions?

The book's editor Dr. Brandy Lee and Tony Schwartz, co-author of Trump's "The Art of the Deal," join Lawrence O'Donnell.

2017-11-20 French 24: Trump's 'mental impairment' poses danger to world

What if you knew a truth about someone that harboured dangers of such magnitude that it could be the key to future human survival? What if that "someone" happened to be the President of the United States?

And what if you were told to keep silent about it? In a controversial new book, "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump", Yale psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee and 27 colleagues argue that their "duty to warn" the world about Trump’s mental health overrides any professional gag order.

Dr. Lee speaks to FRANCE 24’s Douglas Herbert about Donald Trump’s state of mind, and why remaining silent just wasn’t an option.

2018-01-05 CNN: Psychiatrist spoke with Congress on Trump's mental fitness

A dozen lawmakers from the House and Senate received a briefing from Yale psychiatrist Dr. Bandy X. Lee on Capitol Hill in early December about President Donald Trump's fitness to be president
-- and Lee has been asked to speak with additional lawmakers, worried about the President's mental state, later this month.

2018-04-21 CNN: Trump has been lying since childhood

In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio claims President Trump has been lying since he was a child, saying "he was named the ladies man at a high school that had no women at it ... he has been doing this forever."

2018-06-14 Now: Former Air Force Psychiatrist on Trump's Nuclear Clearance

Former Air Force psychiatrist, Dr. Steven Buser, says Trump isn't mentally stable enough to control our nukes.

2019-07-09 Now: What The Mueller Report Reveals About Trump's Mental State


The president failed every criterion for rational and reality-based decision-making capacity.’ — Here’s what top psychiatrists learned about Trump’s mental state from the Mueller report.

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