As with Many Americans; I believe Trump is Utterly Unfit to be President.

I believe Trump is a Threat to Our Country, Our Democracy, Our Environment, and to Our Future.

With this in mind; I put together Organize4Change to help nurture and support opposition to Trump's Presidency.


Organize4Change.org's Mission is to:

  • Organize and produce; highly visible, peaceful, non-violent events to 

Nurture & Support Opposition to Trump.

  • Provide PDF downloads of signs to supporters in other cities, and states, to support the above mission.
  • Recruit campus campaigners to organize, produce, & run; high visibility events supporting the above mission.
  • Sell progressive materials to fund the above mission.
  • Produce concerts to fund the above mission.

The following link is to a list of my $30,000 in Concert Equipment.

Please feel free to contact me at:


For T-Shirts, please email info@organize4change.org