Trump is Anti-Environmental

Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord; 
which has been building upon the Convention and for the first time brings all nations
into a common cause to undertake ambitious efforts to combat climate change.

Trump is Rolling Back EPA Regulations;
which has been Safeguarding Americans from Environmental Hazards.

Trump is Anti-Environmental, which is Anti-American.

2016-11-09 CBC: Trump's environmental impact

Environmental advocates worry that Trump will back out of the Paris Accord and approve pipelines

2016-11-16 CNN: Trump picks climate change denier for EPA team

President-elect Donald Trump's decision to install Myron Ebell as the head of his EPA transition team has drawn scrutiny from the activist community.

2016-12-08 CNN: Trump picks EPA critic to head EPA

CNN's Rene Marsh reports.

2016-12-08 WSJ: Trump's Controversial Pick for Environmental Chief

President-elect Donald Trump has appointed Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency—a climate change skeptic and sharp critic of the organization.

2017-02-28 PBS: Trump administration rolls back Obama rule on water protection

EPA chief Scott Pruitt recently promised an aggressive rollback of regulations that had been put in place by former President Obama,
and President Trump made good on Pruitt’s promise with an order to dismantle a rule about smaller bodies of water.

William Brangham learns more from Juliet Eilperin of The Washington Post about what today’s move means for water regulations.

2017-03-28 CBS: Environmental groups say Trump's climate policies will reverse progress

Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, says President Donald Trump's executive order repealing environmental regulations "takes us backward" in the fight against global warning.

2017-06-02 CNN: Trump exits Paris climate accord

CNNi talks to a former U.S. state department official and Harvard professor Nicholas Burns about the impact of the US leaving the Paris accord.

2017-06-02 CBS: Global leaders outraged over Trump's Paris climate agreement decision

Leaders around the world are slamming President Trump's decision to leave the Paris accord.

The U.S. now joins the only two countries that did not sign the agreement originally to cut greenhouse gas emissions: Syria and Nicaragua.

2017-06-02 WP: World leaders criticize Trump's choice to exit Paris climate deal

Heads of state from around the world are reacting to President Trump's decision to remove the United States from the Paris climate agreement.

2017-10-11 Frontline: How the "War on the EPA" Was Waged

n Tuesday, the Trump administration took a formal step towards repealing the Clean Power Plan.

To anyone following Trump’s vow to end what he described as "the war on coal" -- and the ascent of his EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt -- the move shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

2017-10-11 Frontline: A Former EPA Insider Speaks Out

Outside interests are having outsize influence over EPA chief Scott Pruitt, says Betsy Southerland, a former 30-year veteran at the agency, in an interview for the FRONTLINE documentary "War on the EPA."

What agency experts are "trying desperately to do," she says, is "hope against hope that their facts will change Scott Pruitt's mind."

2017-11-10 Guardian: Trump environment nominee struggles to answer basic climate questions

Kathleen Hartnett White struggles to answer basic questions posed by the Senate committee on environment and public works on Thursday.

Hartnett White, Trump’s nominee for the environmental quality council chair, had difficulty answering questions from Senators Ben Cardin and Sheldon Whitehouse on green house emissions and climate science 

2018-09-11 PBS: Trump’s EPA gives the oil and gas industry more leeway on climate-changing methane

The Environmental Protection Agency issued new rules making it easier for oil and gas companies to release methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

It's the Trump administration's third major step to roll back regulations aimed at combating global warming and climate change.

2018-10-10 PBS: Trump’s EPA fights to keep controversial insecticide in use

Citrus growers hope to fend off fruit-munching katydids, but one weapon is under scrutiny.

Researchers found that children growing up near fields where the insecticide chlorpyrifos was deployed exhibited autism-like symptoms.

A court ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to ban the insecticide’s use, but Trump’s EPA is fighting back. Science correspondent Miles O’Brien reports.

2018-12-28 PBS: How Trump’s EPA is changing the public health benefits around mercury

The Trump administration is partially rolling back an Obama-era rule on mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants,
saying the health benefits of restricting mercury, which causes birth defects, brain damage and learning disabilities, are outweighed by the regulation's cost.

The Washington Post’s Juliet Eilperin joins William Brangham to discuss the EPA's calculation and industry reaction.

2019-01-02 The Years Project: Trump’s 2018 Assaults on the Environment

In 2018, President Trump did everything in his power to get rid of environmental protections and make climate change worse. Here are 7 examples.

2019-06-11 CNN: Donald Trump vs. climate change

Here’s a brief history of his climate change skepticism.

2019-07-08 MSNBC: Environment Advocates Criticize President Donald Trump's Climate Record

Trump touted his environmental record today, even as environmental advocates said the reality was very different.

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